We need your personal data, measurements & sizes as well as Polaroids. Your photos should not be older than 3 months and show your current appearance, hairstyle and hair length. Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications, it is not possible for us to answer every one. Therefore we ask for your understanding. If it fits, our scout will contact you within 14 days after your application! Read more about requirements and really everything, you will find in the XXL Model Guide: Become a model.

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    Polaroids (photos)

    Do I need professional pictures? No! Just take your pictures with your mobile phone. We want to see you absolutely natural, in daylight in front of a simple background (e.g. wall). That’s it!

    • Portrait and full body photo
    • Don’t laugh and pose
    • No makeup and styling
    • Simple, bright background
    • Natural light
    • Read more: Model Polaroids

    Take measurements oneself

    Become a model

    Tips from our guide: Become a model.

    You were approached?

    Important. Cocaine Models will only contact you through the official website or the official Cocaine Models Instagram account @cocaine.models.

    You were approached? As a Top10 agency there are unfortunately also fakes – take care! If you were approached on the street, with or without a business card or via the internet, it is definitely not a scout of our agency! We also do not arrange interviews via Skype.

    Your safety is our top priority at CM. Therefore, it is important to us to point out that there are also black sheep on the Internet! That means people who pretend to be official scouts or representatives of CM. If someone contacts you, check their identity before you contact them.

    Casting agency

    On the Polaroids you should be seen in a natural look: Natural light, no make-up, body-hugging, simple clothing. As soon as we have checked your application and find you interesting, we will get in touch with you by e-mail or, if necessary, by phone. We will invite you to a short introduction in our agency. Please think in advance about your experience, your goals with us, mobility, availability times and hobbies & skills. In our agency we will personally take your measurements and do a small test shooting. For this you should appear clean, i.e. in simple, body-hugging clothing, white T-shirt, black trousers, skin-coloured underwear. The female model applicants should also not forget a bikini and high shoes.