Your model book

Your modelbook is absolutely important for you and your carreer! In your modelbook, you are collecting your best pictures of test shoots with photographers or jobs. You should start your modelbook with the strongest shots, remember quality before quantity. Then some other versatile shots, which will show your facial expressions and different looks of you. Fashion shots, sports pictures or smiley ones, but also some where you are interacting (happy, love, cool etc.). With a versatile book, your chances of getting jobs and clients will increase. The stronger your book is, the easier clients or casting directors will find a suitable picture, and that increases your chances of getting jobs. In your book. you should keep the highest quality of pictures and photographers. Many young models tend to make the mistake to fill their book with a lot of pictures. Usually many test shoots will be done so that the model is featured in accounts/pages/channels like blogs, Facebook and Instagram. But what is important for a young model and his/her book is the quality of the pictures in it! If you have patience, your modelling agency will arrange great test shoots with photographers and your book will become better and better and so will your clients.

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